Monday, January 26, 2009


This LO was done using MWL's Hall of Fame January Kit. Photos are those from my wedding studio shot. Can't think of any other photos which have an oriental feeling to it. LO doesn't look so clear. I just can't keep my hand still... sigh...

The Chinese word on the right hand corner of the LO is a cutout from my wedding dinner card since I can't write in Chinese... Heh...

I applied Rangers stickles on a chipboard, placed it on top of Jenni Bowlin die-cut Calender Card, layered it with stamped words, KI Memories Glitter Lace Cardstock and AC Thickers. Sprayed the chipboard alphas 'Blissful'(can't remember from which company)with Maya Road Metallic Mist. I actually applied some Goldfinger Metallic Finish around the edges but can't really be seen in the photos.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!!

MWL's Hall of Fame JanuaryKit
My own:
Patterned Paper: Sassafralass: Life is Beautiful
American Craft Thickers
Maya Road Chipboard (if I'm not wrong)
Jenni Bowlin Studio die-cut Calender card
Ranger Stickles
Twine, Pebbles Inc.
Goldfinger, Antique Gold

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do not disturb, Cook at work.

My first 'MamaLove' car ride

Vrooommm!! Vrooommmm!!

My first RAK!!!

Was out of my door going down the stairs when I saw Mr Postman holding a big envelope. It's here!! My first RAK!!! RAK is from this nice lady. It is so sweet of her. Thank you so much!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Btw, I forgot to mention that one of my LO was picked as LOTW (layout of the week). Well, I know that it's no big deal. But for me, it is!!! Because this shows that I have improve over time since I started. Indeed a moral booster for me.... and it made my day when I read it after a tiring day at work. Thank you MWL!!

Check it out at MWL and take a look at what others have done too!!!

Cuddle xXx

A LO of both my DDs. It's difficult to get them to sit still together. It's either Meimei sliding down or Ah ger disturbing her Meimei.

Ah Ger: Mummy!! Can you please tell Meimei to move over a little. I have no space.
MeiMei: Shiok!! Shiok!!

Patterned Paper: Scenic Route, WRMK: White Out Collection, Hambly Screen Print
Brazzil white cardstock
American Craft Thickers, Queen & Co. chipboard Alphas
Ranger, stickles
Ribbons: Autumn Leaves
Stickers: 7gypsies
Others: sequins, staples

Saturday, January 17, 2009


A few days ago, a young girl was transferred over to my side for chemotherapy. She was only 17yrs old and diagnosed with leukemia.

2 days ago, I was planning the assigments for the following day when I heard a blood curdling scream. I thought that patient had a fall and went to take a look. A dr was actually trying to set an i/v hep plug for her so that they can transfused blood products. The currently used i/v hep plug was running chemotherapy and the other which was used to run PCT was not working. She was screaming away in pain and I think, I heard her saying that we told her no more poking needles or blood taking..... Well, in normal situation, ppl would say that she has low pain threshold and hated needle prick, etc. IMO, imagine that I/you/we was/were being prick EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail and at times.... MORE THAN ONCE per day how would we feel?? That does not include other tests that the young girl have to go thru' before she was diagnosed with leukemia e.g. blood marrow aspiration. We may not have fear for needles, injections, etc but after all that the girl had to go thru', I'm not surprise that she WILL develop FEAR for them. Yes... courage overcome fear... but for 17yrs old who assumed that they have the whole life ahead of them can/will never imagine that they will be lying on the hospital bed having to go thru' all this pain...... First, the dr will reveal that you have leukemia and what are the treatment options that you have and before you can really accept what was happening..... before you can even overcome the emotional pain, actual course of treatment had started which bring about other physical pain and those unwanted, unpleasant side effects.

Yesterday, I saw the young girl's parents went to look for the patient who had exchanged his appointment for central line insertion with their daughter so that she can go first. Her father was thanking him profusely..... his voice was breaking up and he was so closed to tears...

How I wished I can comfort them.... telling them that everything will be okay.... but I can't because it's never okay!!It's a long hard battle ahead. It touches me a lot.... how a person's kindness can actually has an impact on another person's life... how it saves the girl from having to go thru' more pain....

Many people have asked me before, why do I stay on in the ward. Isn't it depressing to see people dying everyday... seeing them in pain. I have worked in oncology and haematology ward for coming to 9 years. Though, at times, I do feel really depressed when I see some of my patients passed on,however, they served as a constant reminder to me not to take my life or other people for granted. To live my life to the fullness and never look back and regret. Another reason was, I want to help my patients. I want to help lighten their burdens. I want to make sure that they are well taken care of.... even to the extent of making enemies by telling my colleagues off for doing the wrong things... Well, you can't please everyone in the world...Sigh... Peace to all.... have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ward Party

Okay guys..... and girls... the ward party pics are up!!! It's in the friends album. For videos... will pass to u all per request. Happy looking!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tv Time!!

More Pics of My Little Nyonya

Gift Tags

There will be a departmental party tomorrow at my workplace. I made this gift tags to stick onto some of the prizes. Made use of some scrap patterned papers and stamps from October Afternoon.... inked the edges with VersaMagic DewDrop.... and that's it!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Lullaby

An LO of my Ah ger sleeping in the pram while DH was on the way home. She looked so sweet and peaceful like an angel....

Journalling is a music lyric by Josh Groban, Lullaby:-

Hush now baby don’t you cry
Rest your wings my butterfly
Peace will come to you in time
And I will sing this lullaby

Know though I must leave my child
That I would stay here by your side
And if you wake before I’m gone
Remember this sweet lullaby

And oh, through darkness, don’t you every stop believing
With love alone, with love you’ll find your way
My love

The world has turned the day to dark
I leave this night with heavy heart
When I return to dry your eyes
I will sing this lullaby
Yes I will sing this lullaby

Patterned Paper: Basic Grey: Eva & Ambrosia, Sassafralass: Life is Beautiful
Sizzix Bigshot: Vines
Inks: Versamagic DewDrop
Liquid Pearl, Ranger
Prima flowers
Others: Lace, Antique brads, glossy accents

MeiMei's result

Yeah!!!! MeiMei's ultrasound result is normal and the urethrogram shows that she does not have urine reflux. Was really worried sick that her kidneys might be affected because she may have this infection for quite some time before the high fever episodes started.

The procedure, generally speaking, was quite fast. However, to me, it seems like an eternity because I had to pin her down while the Dr was trying to locate her urethra. She was simply screaming and screaming away until she was tired out. I keep repeating to myself…. the benefits outweigh the pain she had to endure for a short period of time…… if not, I would have stop the Dr. Luckily, he is quite a gentle man and was very careful when inserting the catheter in.
All in all…. I ‘m glad it’s all over. Hopefully, the maid is repentance now. BUT, I will still keep a close observation on her…

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!~

Happy New Year to all!!!!!