Monday, December 29, 2008

My Own Little Nyonya (Modern version)

Isn't she cute!!

Don't they look alike in some ways?

My niece and Ah ger.... they look alike in some way don't they? They too have some similar characters such as being stubborn, touch-me-not and like to take but wouldn't give in.... Hehe...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poor Meimei..........

Just booked an appoinment at Radlink (Paragon) for Meimei this coming Tuesday. She has to undergo U/S KUB (ultrasound of the kidney, ureter and bladder) and MCU (Micturating Cysto-Urethrogram). This 2 tests are recommended by the paediatrician to ensure that her urinary system is okay as urinary tract infection is uncommon in young babies.

Well, I'm fine with the ultrasound as it is non invasive and will not cause any pain to her. BUT MCU....... when I found out how the procedure is going to be done, I can feel the pain that she is gonna go thru'. For those who don't know what is MCU, it is a special x-ray procedure performed to evaluate the bladder and the urethra in order to rule out any abnormalities in the bladder neck, narrowing of the urethra or reflux of urine into the kidneys. The doctor will insert a catheter into her ureter and inject contrast thru' the tube to study the urine flow.

As I had undergone catheterization several times before and still find that it is painful and uncomfortable, imagine the tube going into a 4 month old!!! The thought of my precious one who has to suffer the consequence of someone's else stubbornness and forgetfulness make me really mad!! But....what can I do? I still need her to assist my mum who will be helping me out instead of my FIL. Moreover, I can't really vent my frustration on her as she might take it out on my DDs.

One more time.... one more time she makes a mistake in which my DDs are involved, I will never let her off. If only I can be a SAHM or find a work-based job so that I can take care of them myself.... for now, I can only count down to the day when MeiMei will be slightly older so that my parents can take care of them with the 'help' of a maid.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!

Better late than never...... Merry Christmas to all!! Was on morning shift today. Work is okay today.... not busy... but occupied. With staff on annual leave, no pay leave, hospitalization leave, maternity leave and sick leave, staffing has been quite tight. Day in day out... always see the same people working..... Nevertheless, it's Christmas!! Moods are still moderate if not high..... We have been receiving quite a number of gifts.. yummy...Heh...

Here is what I have been busy with for the past few days or weeks. Handmade Christmas boxes filled with goodies such as butterfly magnets, cute wooden pegs, handiplasts (everyone needs it at least once in their lifetime!!) and sweets. Even though, I don't really celebrate Christmas except for the fact that it is a public holiday, I love the thought of giving others little gifts as a gesture of my appreciation and being thankful for having them around. It is also a token of good luck for the new year!! I know... I know.... I can really be blunt and harsh at times but as Sis H had said before... forgive and forget. We shall start the year with a brand new book. Enjoy your holidays everyone!!! Once again... Have a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Handmade gifts

Oh..... before I forget, here is a sneak on the handmade gifts that I made for my colleagues. Will post after I send them out... heh..

Countdown to Christmas...

Busy busy busy...... Trying to find FREE time to finish up my Christmas shopping and making handmade gifts and cards for my friends and colleagues while working full time and spending quality time with my 2 DDs is ALMOST impossible. Free time and spontaneity rarely exists when you are having kids...... but....I'm not complaining..... I would gladly trade them so that I can be with my DDs more. =)

I still managed to finish some Christmas cards thou' . Gonna post them to some of my relatives.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Past few days had been so hectic... After recovering from chicken pox and was on hospitalisation leave for 2 weeks, I returned to work last Wednesday. On that day, my 2nd DD was having a slight fever when I left home for work. Told my helper and my FIL that she was having a slight fever and I had given her some syrup panadol. Told them to monitor her and call me if there's any problem. Called home 2 times to check on both DDs. My helper told me that Meimei was still having fever and she had given her the medication. In the evening when I called home, she said Meimei was okay.

When I reached home around 2230hrs, my DH told me that he had just taken Meimei's temperature which was 40.0 degree celsius and my helper was sponging her with a semi-dry hankerchief (semi-dry hanky got any use??!?!). Best thing was, my helper did not even tell DH that Meimei was having a fever in the first place. We rushed her to Mt. A hospital but the dr was unable to find out the cause of the fever. As per normal, he told us to treat it as viral fever and only gave us panadol syrup. We were told to monitor her temperature closely and to sponge her whenever necessary.I had to take annual leave the following day to take of her. So 'paiseh', work for 1 day and took leave again. But I don't really have a choice.... my family comes first.

I and DH spent the next 2 days sponging Meimei day and night but her temperature never really went down. Most of the time it remained at 39.5 degrees celsius or higher. I refused to bring her to KK because I do not want her to go thru' a lumbar puncture (a procedure in which a needle is inserted into your spine to obtain cerebrospinal fluid). My friend's DS who was having a fever had to go thru it as it's a standard procedure??!! Well, I understand that they are worried that young babies might have meningitis,etc. But shouldn't they ruled out other possibilities before poking a needle into a babies' spine?!!! However, I am still not convinced that it's a viral fever. Took her to PD clinic for 2nd opinion. PD took her urine sample and confirmed that she was having a urinary tract infection which again, thanks to my helper for taking such 'good' care of my DDs when I was at work. Fever went down gradually and by the 4th dose of the antibiotic, her appetite was back and fever was almost gone.

I was so furious(which was an understatement)with my helper. I had told her REPEATEDLY to call me if there's any problem and even called back several times to check on them. And she got the cheek to tell my mum that the reason why she did not call me was that she was afraid that I might scold her and she did not wanna disturb while I was at work. I mean.... what????! It is not as if I never call back home!!! I was actually intending to send my helper back but persuaded by my mum to giver her a 2nd chance. Who knows if the next helper I get might be worse than her. SIgh..... sometimes, I really wish I can stay at home and take care of my DDs myself but in Singapore.... no money no talk. Moreover, I prefer to spend my own money since no one can nag at me. Lesson learned, never depend or trust them too much.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plz Plz Mummy.....

Can I play with Daddy's playstation for a while, Mummy??.... plz....

Yes.. yes.. a SHORT while only....



Sunday, December 7, 2008


An old photo of my siblings and me taken quite long ago. Trying to remember how we looked like in those days. The dragonfly was stamped onto a pp, stickled the wings and add beads for the body. Tried stamping flourish behind the flower..... but failed. It didn't come out nicely. =( Need to brush up my stamping skill.

Altered wooden Frame

Altered a wooden heart which I bought from Daiso sometime back. The photo was taken during our Japan trip. Mt Fuji is right behind us.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


for starting a blog:

1) To share my interests with others in more details.
2) To keep my friends update on my daily activities.
3) To share my thoughts and photos of my 2 precious DDs.
Have a nice day!

Friday, December 5, 2008