Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MeiMei's result

Yeah!!!! MeiMei's ultrasound result is normal and the urethrogram shows that she does not have urine reflux. Was really worried sick that her kidneys might be affected because she may have this infection for quite some time before the high fever episodes started.

The procedure, generally speaking, was quite fast. However, to me, it seems like an eternity because I had to pin her down while the Dr was trying to locate her urethra. She was simply screaming and screaming away until she was tired out. I keep repeating to myself…. the benefits outweigh the pain she had to endure for a short period of time…… if not, I would have stop the Dr. Luckily, he is quite a gentle man and was very careful when inserting the catheter in.
All in all…. I ‘m glad it’s all over. Hopefully, the maid is repentance now. BUT, I will still keep a close observation on her…

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