Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Life Week 17

June is ending soon.... half a year had passed by so fast!!....

Here's my Project Life Week 14.

The girls helping me out with the Mother's Day gifts for the patients. They painted the petals with Tattered Angel Glimmer Glam. They were so good with it and made minimal mess. The best thing was.... they enjoyed helping me so much!

Origame homework, farewell gift for the teacher, work-related stuff and once again..... Meimei fell sick.....

Love flipping through my Project Life album. It's so full of details......

Bye for now~~~ *Plenty to do... so little time*

Monday, June 25, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketch #19-12

Hello~~~ . How was your weekend? Was it great?

Here's an awesome sketch by Sketches: Creatively Yours to boost your scrapping mojo!!

Here's my layout:

Whenever I said "Say cheese!!" She will do this"C" hand gesture. Maybe she interpreted it as C for cheese??

I honestly can't remember which company made that polaroid frame but it was part of my Studio Calico kit and had been in my stash far too long.... Heheh... it's time for it to see some daylight. Hope my layout had inspired you to join in the sketch here.

Happy scrapping people!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet House and more notebooks.......

This had been one of my long awaiting to-do project (for about 6 months or so..). It was done halfway and left on my shelf collecting plenty of dust.....The mojo to complete it was simply not there and finding the correct photos for the album stalled me too.
But I managed to complete them about a month ago..... at last....

Using mainly Prima Marketing patterned papers (it's one of the older collection). I have intended to add picket fence, etc..... but decided to keep it simply for easy storage.

As for the photos, I chose those random photos that I had not scrapped before and not suitable to scrapped in bigger layout. By the way.... that Hello Kitty was placed there as temporary measure until I can find another suitable candidate for the house.... hehe...
Next..... my latest set of notebooks that I had made.... might list some for sales soon...

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project Life Week 15 & 16

Back again with Project Life Week 15 & 16.

For this 2 weeks, I didn't managed to take that many photos as work gets too overwhelming. But, who says that it has to be a 2-page spreader per week. Most important is the memories that we hold on to..... no matter how mundane it may seem.

Here's Week 15:

Meimei had an eye infection again. Not too sure what's causing it. Probably due to her constant rubbing of her eyes with dirty hands. Their daddy helping them to put together Spongebob Lego car..... Hehe.....

And here's Week 16:

A day at the beach again. Endless fun at the beach... without having to spend so much money.

Project Life have truly enhanced the way I scrap and document our daily lives. I used to be so stressed up when I scrap because there are so many photos and memories that I wanted to document but I don't have enough time to do it all (I used to be so obsessed with whether the layout looked "complete"). With Project Life, I only scrap photos that I truly love or when I just feel like scrapping a layout. Best of all.... I'm using my stash (so that I can buy more guiltlessly)!!!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

To have a Child.........

Sketches are great when you feel like creating but do not have enough time or mojo. It helps to kickstart things.....

Like this one.........

I used the sketch to create this:

It's fast, simple and give immense satisfaction when I used my stash instead of hoarding them. The hardest part of  scrapbooking for me is ........ cracking my head for a title. That's when I will either use quotes, song titles or browse through other scrappers' blogs for inspiration. For example, in this layout, I used part of a quotation as a title.


"To have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" - Unknown

Here's a close-up of the layout.

Thanks for dropping by~~

Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Life Week 14

Hello..... back to share Week 14 of my Project Life.

Here goes:

Highlight of the week was the birthday celebration of my twin nieces. They had a makeover birthday party. The girls love the hairdo-ing, makeup, nail polish.... and not to forget my nephew love his new hairstyle too.

I love receiving mail with goodies. It makes me sooo happy! And not to forget my usual dose of happy pills - my scrapbook buys!! My hubby new hobby too..... rearing fish??... He promised he will take care of it himself..... hehehe.....

Lowest left - I kept some of their nail decors that had chipped off. She was quite upset when it came off so I promised her that I will keep it in my album......

Lastly, a mini album for a colleague of mine who is leaving us....

Wishing her all the best for her future endeavor....

Have a great week ahead!!!

Thanks for dropping by......

Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Life Week 13

Here's Project Life Week 13:

Oh yes... I still love documenting my/our daily life. Even though it may seem mundane.... to me...... everyday is a special day....

My girls.... painting my toes..... Just for the fun of it (Thank god.... I don't wear open toe-shoes to work...... Hehehe.... ). 
They are still afraid of thunder.

Drawing of an Elephant by Ah Ger.

The ants keep building nest all over the house. We can't leave any sweet stuff or else..... it will be infested within the hour. Still trying to make it a habit to take more photos and post in the blog as soon as possible...

Thanks for swinging by!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketch #17-12

Hello.... June..

It seems not too long ago that I was looking forward to May. Looking forward to our long awaited family vacation to Disneyland. That time passed by too soon... and it's mid-year already...
Been wanting to blog but I was really drowsy from the painkillers...

Sharing with you Creatively Yours Sketch #17-12:

Here's my take:

When I saw this sketch. I knew that I just had to scrap these old photos that I had dug out.
 Meimei was sitting on a pram meant for a doll and she was busy disturbing her big sister. Photos are not that clear but I love to see them both together. Please join us here and see what others had done with this great sketch!

Here's a close up pic:

To save some time, instead of stitching around the patterned papers. I created faux stitches by poking holes and joining them with pen instead.....

Lastly, just wanted to share a tag that I had designed to give to the patients and their mothers for Mother's Day! Inexpensive but a thoughtful gift....

Last but not least... do remember to pop by here.... and join in the sketch!!!