Friday, August 17, 2012

Project LIfe Week 20

Presenting you.... Week 20..

A cute little plaster to make all the pain go away ~~~

A little short note on our trip to Hongkong ( a mini album to document the trip is still in progress).

That's all for now... Cya soon.

And to all the Muslims out there, Selamat Hari Raya!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketches #25-12

Hello! I'm back with a sketch from Creatively Yours Sketches!!

I had been waiting for the perfect sketch for the photo I had in

here's my take...

Photo was taken quite sometime back. Just waiting to be scrap only.... Hehe...

 Was playing around with the mist and paint and I do like the end effect...

Please do drop by the blog to see what others had wonderfully created and hopefully it will inspire you to scrap!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Life Week 19

Today is Singapore's 47th birthday... Happy Birthday Singapore!!

This was what I had been busy with for the past weeks......

Work in progress....

Finished work.....

Preparation for Meimei's birthday (she was helping to pack the goodies bags).

Nicely packed and labelled.......

And the celebration itself.... ( the cake is much more gorgeous in "real state")

What have I been doing all day? Catching up on my rest and sleep (was coming down with flu) and spending time with my family.... :).

And now.. while putting the girls to sleep, I thought I might just pop by to say hello and share my Project Life Week 19....

A 2 page spread....

Celebrated Mother's Day with a cake.... the girls were singing "Happy Birthday to Mother's Day??!!". Bought a Mother's Day gift for myself..... a Silhouette Cameo..... which finally arrived in Singapore.
And Mother's Day gift tags for the patients and their caregivers....

In that fateful week.... the leg pain caused by the herniated disc started and it worsened over time. And lastly.... drawings done by the girls at my SIL's house.

Ok... that's all for now~~
Thanks for dropping by.....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Project Life Week 18

Celebrated Meimei's birthday in her school yesterday and brought her out for "Kaikai" today. Wanted to share the pics we took but my laptop does not have photo editing software..... =)

It's been quite sometime since I last shared my Project Life. I'm currently onto my Week 27 ( only 3 weeks behind... Yipee!!!) which to me, was quite an achievement, as I was really occupied with other stuff for the past 3 weeks.

Anyway, here goes...... Week 18.

I won a Sizzix embossing machine from my LSS on NSD (at last!!) but I already had a Big Shot =(. To date, the machine is still in my store room unopened. Don't know what to do with it. Included movie tickets to "Avengers".

Drawing by Ah Ger. Noticed the "sad face" that she drew for Meimei? Hahaha.... that's because Meimei had been very cranky for the past few days and she threw tantrums when we "ignored" her.

"Love Life" diecut is from my Silhouette Cameo. Documenting the cost of a single ink catridge for my new printer.... OMG... super ex!! Oh ya... my badly decayed wisdom tooth which I showed Meimei to remind her to brush her teeth properly.

That's all for now. Thanks for swinging by!!~~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketches #23-12

Here's sketch #23-12 from Creatively Yours Sketches!!

And here's my take...

I had been waiting for the perfect sketch for my Bintan trip. I love the versatility of the sketch.... Hehe...

Give it a try! Happy scrapping peeps!! I'm off to catch up on my Project Life!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketches #22-12

It's been a long time since I last updated this blog of mine. What else can I say except ...... more urgent things which required my immediate attention and time.... thus, updating this blog became my least priority.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the "tour of my scrap space" and thank you for the kind comments!
My apology for sharing this a little too late.... anyway here's my take for Creatively Yours Sketches #22-12.

The graduation ceremony for the Kindergarten 2 kids.
The girls enjoyed themselves so much rehearsing for the concert.

Lastly... Happy Nurses' Day to all!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Scrap Space.... at last!

Hello! Been wanting to share my scrap space for a long long time but I never got a chance to thoroughly clean the space up till now. I have always enjoyed looking at other scrapper's work space... and envies those with gorgeous.. spacious room, however, I realised that... the bigger the space.... the more I will hoard.....

Okay... enough talking.... and here it is!!!  *Pls ignore the TV show...hehehe*

My main workspace where I do most of the scrapping. Sometimes, when I need to spread all my stash while I scrapped, the whole floor will be covered with all the embellishments, etc. Still find that the table is a little too small.... but I'm contented with it..... for now... LOL. Saw my Silhouette Cameo there...... =)

Here's another view of the room. My hubby and I shared the study room.... 3/4 of the space is taken up by me........ =P.

 Ikea Expedit.... my best buy ever.....

See... my supplies are so overwhelming until I have to use the top part of the shelves. The plastic compartments in the upper leftmost of the photo is my embroidery threads. I used to cross stitch before I took up scrapbooking (imagine the amount of money I can save if I still continue to cross stitch instead....). The purple and blue suitcases are "borrowed" from my daughters to put fabrics that I ordered online...

Another view of the shelves...
The cardstocks and patterned papers are kept in the plastic containers and organised by manufacturers.

Here's my Studio Calico kits that are sorted and labelled monthly. The add-on kits are kept separately until I am ready to use it.... then I will combine them with the main kit.

The mists, embossing powder, stickles, inks and paints are kept in separate plastic containers. Each of the boxes are filled with stamps, ribbons, stickers, rub-ons, embellishments, chipboards, etc. And.... of course... organised accordingly.

Here's a peek into my embellishment boxes (it's overflowing soon... arrgghh..... need to use them fast!!).

My Big Shot and dies..... they really taking up a lot of space.
This metal drawers are filled with punches, flowers and photo paper and printer inks. The metal basket which was sprayed with white paint is where I keep my "on-going" mini albums.

 Another shelves..... This was in built which I requested for when we were moving in.
More flowers, buttons, ribbons, glitters and my Zutter machine.

My magnetic board which I altered with October Afternoon patterned paper. I displayed my latest layouts here...... noticed my cute little house which I hung .... hehehe.... there is a mini album inside. Did this in my LSS class.

This was one of the first few items that I bought.. I kept my scissors, pens, washi tapes, adhesives here.... within my reach.

Here's another....

Last but not least.... my Project Life stuff which I kept within my reach for easy access...

So there you are.... my sanctuary, the one place that I go to.... everyday without fail.
Hope you enjoy the "tour".

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Life Week 17

June is ending soon.... half a year had passed by so fast!!....

Here's my Project Life Week 14.

The girls helping me out with the Mother's Day gifts for the patients. They painted the petals with Tattered Angel Glimmer Glam. They were so good with it and made minimal mess. The best thing was.... they enjoyed helping me so much!

Origame homework, farewell gift for the teacher, work-related stuff and once again..... Meimei fell sick.....

Love flipping through my Project Life album. It's so full of details......

Bye for now~~~ *Plenty to do... so little time*

Monday, June 25, 2012

Creatively Yours Sketch #19-12

Hello~~~ . How was your weekend? Was it great?

Here's an awesome sketch by Sketches: Creatively Yours to boost your scrapping mojo!!

Here's my layout:

Whenever I said "Say cheese!!" She will do this"C" hand gesture. Maybe she interpreted it as C for cheese??

I honestly can't remember which company made that polaroid frame but it was part of my Studio Calico kit and had been in my stash far too long.... Heheh... it's time for it to see some daylight. Hope my layout had inspired you to join in the sketch here.

Happy scrapping people!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet House and more notebooks.......

This had been one of my long awaiting to-do project (for about 6 months or so..). It was done halfway and left on my shelf collecting plenty of dust.....The mojo to complete it was simply not there and finding the correct photos for the album stalled me too.
But I managed to complete them about a month ago..... at last....

Using mainly Prima Marketing patterned papers (it's one of the older collection). I have intended to add picket fence, etc..... but decided to keep it simply for easy storage.

As for the photos, I chose those random photos that I had not scrapped before and not suitable to scrapped in bigger layout. By the way.... that Hello Kitty was placed there as temporary measure until I can find another suitable candidate for the house.... hehe...
Next..... my latest set of notebooks that I had made.... might list some for sales soon...

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project Life Week 15 & 16

Back again with Project Life Week 15 & 16.

For this 2 weeks, I didn't managed to take that many photos as work gets too overwhelming. But, who says that it has to be a 2-page spreader per week. Most important is the memories that we hold on to..... no matter how mundane it may seem.

Here's Week 15:

Meimei had an eye infection again. Not too sure what's causing it. Probably due to her constant rubbing of her eyes with dirty hands. Their daddy helping them to put together Spongebob Lego car..... Hehe.....

And here's Week 16:

A day at the beach again. Endless fun at the beach... without having to spend so much money.

Project Life have truly enhanced the way I scrap and document our daily lives. I used to be so stressed up when I scrap because there are so many photos and memories that I wanted to document but I don't have enough time to do it all (I used to be so obsessed with whether the layout looked "complete"). With Project Life, I only scrap photos that I truly love or when I just feel like scrapping a layout. Best of all.... I'm using my stash (so that I can buy more guiltlessly)!!!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

To have a Child.........

Sketches are great when you feel like creating but do not have enough time or mojo. It helps to kickstart things.....

Like this one.........

I used the sketch to create this:

It's fast, simple and give immense satisfaction when I used my stash instead of hoarding them. The hardest part of  scrapbooking for me is ........ cracking my head for a title. That's when I will either use quotes, song titles or browse through other scrappers' blogs for inspiration. For example, in this layout, I used part of a quotation as a title.


"To have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" - Unknown

Here's a close-up of the layout.

Thanks for dropping by~~