Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary

The weekend is approaching! How time flies! There are so much to do but too little time. How I wish time can crawl.... slowly....

Celebrated our wedding anniversary last weekend at Ritz Carlton. There was a complimentary cake from the hotel for those who are celebrating their wedding anniversary.

This is part of the cake.... or what was left of it. We were too eager to taste the cake till I forgotten to take a pic of it!

We watched the NDP rehearsal from our hotel room. The view IS spectacular!!( I love men in uniforms..... hehe... Hubby knows it too!)

A KING size bed!! It is sooo comfortable!! Now I'm considering buying a KING size bed so that Ah Ger won't kick us when she it's her turn to sleep with us.

The view from the bathroom is great too!! Thank you Sis for making this happen!!
I'm currently making an album for one of my ADN (Assistant Director of Nursing) who is retiring this coming August. Will post the pics as soon as I am done with them.
Thank you for coming!

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