Monday, August 30, 2010

More notebooks....

Just can't get enough of creating notebooks. A few of my colleagues said that it's too precious to be used/written on. But don't you feel happy carrying along with you a handmade notebook that you CANNNOT buy from a shop. Well.... I do. Moreover... no 2 notebooks are the same because they are simply handmade.....

These books are pre-order from my friend.

Love the cute patterned papers. So sweet and cheery looking.

These other 2 designs are also pre-order from friends of mine. Love the vintage and distress looks...

I have added some of the notebooks to my blogshop for sale. Feel free to look at them.

Thank you so much for looking!!

1 comment:

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

You are good at creating notebook :)
thanks for sharing this idea :)