Friday, May 20, 2011

A time well spent

Just got back from a shopping frenzy in Hongkong (it's a 3 days 2 nights trip) last Monday. I fell sick (viral fever) on the very first day till the 2nd day. I was constantly popping paracetamol to keep the fever away. I still managed to achieved my objectives for this trip (thanks to my dear sister) and bought my Hello Kitty suitcase and plenty of clothes for my princesses.

On the positive side, the hotel that we stayed in are full so we were upgraded to a suite.... really cool but a little troublesome when you need to go to the toilet.

I didn't bring the girls along since it's a short getaway for me to relax... Heh... Needless to say, I missed them so much. Both of them had lost quite a bit of weight after a nasty bout of flu and cough.

Spent our Vesak Day playing PlayDoh and then, went to Marina Square just to shop around.

Ah Ger's creation.... Smiley faces of Daddy and Mummy.

Next, a butterly made of PlayDoh and some plastic pebble-like thing....

Not wanting to lose out to Jiejie, Meimei brought out her "Baby" and insisted that I took a picture of it too.

On the crafting side.... here's some customised order notebooks that I made for a friend of mine.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good day!

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