Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Long Overdue Updates.....

It's been what... 2 months since I last blogged??
Ever since I'm back from our family vacation in Australia, my life have been in a whirlwind. Catching up with overdue household chores, cleaning up my neverending messy scrap space, cleaning up after my kids, work..... deadline on scrap projects, other tiny but important tasks in my life.. and that's my life cycle... Heh...
Plenty of photos to share.. just too little time to upload them.... plus... Blogger is giving me some problems.... too tedious to update nowadays.

Here's some pics from my trip.....

View from our apartment

We stayed at the Towers of Chevron Renaissance, Gold Coast. We decided to stay at Gold Coast as it might be too tiring for the kids to travel here and there... and staying at an apartment is much much better than the hotel. We can do our laundry and even cook!
Gorgeous right!!
Ah Ger's favorite cartoon.... unfortunately, didn't manage to take pic with them.
Cousins!!! So difficult to get them to take a pic together.
Ah Ger getting more and more brave. She loves to feed the animals.
Don't be deceive by their smile... they were actually complaining about the smell before this pic was taken... Heh....
Ok... that's all for now.... will be updating soon again!!

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