Thursday, February 9, 2012

Projec Life Week Three

A little behind with Project Life right now after spending a few days vacationing in HK. Just completed Week 4 but yet to take photos of them. For now.... here's Week 3.

Using a mix of the core kit and my own stash. Still keeping to flat embellishments.

Documented their new bags... dearest Daddy bought her new Hello Kitty bag... while Meimei choose to have a trolley bag... lazy to carry them??!

Top right is a "Thank you" card I received from a student nurse who also bake some homemade cookies for us.

A paper boat folded by Ah Ger using my box of patterned paper stash.

Early reunion dinner held at my SIL's new house.

A quite reunion steamboat dinner at our own house. We bought food enough to feed 5 adults i guessed!!

Thanks for dropping by! Got loads to do!

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