Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Life Week 7

I don't think anyone wanna hear about how busy I was for the past 1 week or so.... Hehe... Despite loading the photos weeks ago, I still can't find to update my blog frequently..... think I will try scheduling my post in the future..

Here's Project Life Week 7

The insert that I put in was a Valentine's card made by Meimei at school.

Valentine's gift from hubby and patient...
Hubby's company trip to Bintan Club Med for team builing (Wish my workplace will send us there - but fact remain I can't swim and I'm scare of height)

Grocery delivery from NTUC. Take note of the cartons containing all the 1.5L of green tea... enough said.
Ah Ger losing her 1st tooth soon!!

Oh well.... gotta go and update my Week 11 and 12 now..... Cya around!!

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Mariska W. said...

oVery nice week for you ! Really like it !