Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poor Meimei..........

Just booked an appoinment at Radlink (Paragon) for Meimei this coming Tuesday. She has to undergo U/S KUB (ultrasound of the kidney, ureter and bladder) and MCU (Micturating Cysto-Urethrogram). This 2 tests are recommended by the paediatrician to ensure that her urinary system is okay as urinary tract infection is uncommon in young babies.

Well, I'm fine with the ultrasound as it is non invasive and will not cause any pain to her. BUT MCU....... when I found out how the procedure is going to be done, I can feel the pain that she is gonna go thru'. For those who don't know what is MCU, it is a special x-ray procedure performed to evaluate the bladder and the urethra in order to rule out any abnormalities in the bladder neck, narrowing of the urethra or reflux of urine into the kidneys. The doctor will insert a catheter into her ureter and inject contrast thru' the tube to study the urine flow.

As I had undergone catheterization several times before and still find that it is painful and uncomfortable, imagine the tube going into a 4 month old!!! The thought of my precious one who has to suffer the consequence of someone's else stubbornness and forgetfulness make me really mad!! But....what can I do? I still need her to assist my mum who will be helping me out instead of my FIL. Moreover, I can't really vent my frustration on her as she might take it out on my DDs.

One more time.... one more time she makes a mistake in which my DDs are involved, I will never let her off. If only I can be a SAHM or find a work-based job so that I can take care of them myself.... for now, I can only count down to the day when MeiMei will be slightly older so that my parents can take care of them with the 'help' of a maid.

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