Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm back!!

Hi all!! Just came back from Japan last Thursday. It was a great trip even though I miss both my girls so much!!

I don't think I will ever leave my kids behind and go for another trip next time. On the very next day I arrived in Japan. My mum told me that Meimei was having a fever, flu and cough..... OMG....there was nothing I can do except making sure that she was seen by the dr and making sure that they gave her medications and watch her fever. Thankfully, her fever subsided the very next day into low grade fever. Not drinking her milk well but she ate all her food.... She is my little hungry ghost who will not say no to food!

Next, when I came back from Japan. Ah Ger and my domestic helper is having fever, flu and cough till now. That's what causing the delay in my posting. Ah Ger keeps whining and whining and refusing to eat her food. I don't really blame her since the flu will cause a change in her taste bud. I changed my rest day to tomorrow so that I can help my domestic helper with the kids as both of them don't want their 'Yeye'...... sigh..... Hopefully, they will get better soon....

Will post some pics of my trip soon once I settle them down.


Teng said...

Welcome back! Poor mummy can't even enjoy yah! K lah.. when ur girls get well, let's meet up k!

S@lene aka Yati said...

Hehe... Now it's the mummy who i having URTI.... will meet up soon ok. Let me settle and stare at the roster first... heh