Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 more LOs to share....

Just completed 2 other layouts that I had done in 1 of the class that I had attended. It was on hold for quite some time because..... 1st, I can't really find suitable photos for them. Another problem is.... I get stuck when coming up with titles for my LOs. I keep going back to the same old boring titles.... (maybe I need to get more books for inspirations??! LOL.)

A pic of 2nd DD with hubby during our trip to the zoo.

A pic of my little nephew!! He looked shock doesn't he?? Stuck while trying to think of title..... I settled with EEK! which I think suit his facial expression... Heh..

Everyone's been busy preparing for the coming CNY and Valentine's Day?

I was just back from my sis's house celebrating Ah Ger's birthday. My little baby is 3 years old now..... sigh... time passes by so quickly.... especially when you are spending time with your loved ones...

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