Monday, November 22, 2010

Name Tag

Sorry for being MIA too long...

Things have been kinda hectic ever since I decided to send off my domestic helper. I choose to be physically tired than MENTALLY TORTURED. Juggling my time between taking care of the 2 cute monsters, working full time, doing housework and resting.... I have... but limited time to do scrapping.

Decided to send my kids to half a day childcare and eventually full day as it will be better for them intellectually...

But nevertheless, I still feel a sense of achievement everyday when I am able to singlehandedly manage the kids, keep the house clean (even thou not as clean as when we had a domestic helper), play with them and still having the small little time to do what I enjoyed most.... scrapping... (well.... I sacrifice a little time for sleeping).

So... I bring you my latest creation! A name tag which can suit any individual!

I have this up for sale (not the actual product thou'). Email me if you are interested. Click here for detail!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

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Sandy Ang said...

It must be so tiring to do without help. Take good care of yourself.