Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So much to do... and so little time....

Been staying back late at work to finish up the paperworks. I spent the remaining hours/minutes (so limited) with my kids... and the household chores. I waited till the wee hours when my kids are fast asleep to fold and iron my clothes.... which is considered my resting personal time as I got to watch my DVDs on my laptop while doing it. That's explain the lack of blogging time and projects to share with you guys.

I'm currently trying to finish my Christmas gifts and orders that I got from my colleague. Hopefully, this hectic-ness (if there is such a word) will pass soon.

Would like to share a couple of notebooks that I did for my colleagues quite some time ago.

She requested for a pink notebook with a silver heart.

Another colleague of mine requested for vintage with butterflies and flowers.

This is up for sale... I just did an extra one...

Thanks for dropping by!
Will update as much as I can..

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