Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Short update:

Why was I late in wishing all my friends, bloggers, family members, acquaintance and everyone else a Happy Chinese New Year? Both my princesses fell sick on the eve of the new year.

Ah Ger was having high fever persistently despite giving her syrup Paracetamol every 4hrs to 5hrs. Her fever came down only slightly... and up it goes again. She only remain afebrile today. She's not eating much.... but at least she does eat something (acceptable amount, I think)

Luckily, Meimei only had fever for 2 days on and her appetite remains the same throughout (btw, she never stop eating and talking except during bedtime).

Now... back to screaming Meimei (Hubby is showering them now and they did not have their afternoon nap).

Will update my latest LO soon!! See ya...

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