Thursday, July 14, 2011


the STRESSOR that drive almost everyone in my workplace crazy is over! Was really really busy with the preparation for the big audit that I barely have enough mojo to scrap anything else beside the custom order for a wedding guestbook for a friend of mine.

I took lots of photos of my 2 girls thou'.... plenty of projects that I wanna do. Hopefully, I can spend a little big more time scrapping!

In the meantime, wanna share a layout I did about a week ago or so..... Just don't have enough time and energy to post it.

Took this photo last Christmas at Paragon. The girls were playing and posing with the wigs on. These are the few pics that are salvageable (phone camera, poor lighting and 'couldn't keep still' girls).

Ok... gonna have a very good night rest now.... laterz.....

Thanks for dropping by!!

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