Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project Life title page and 1st layout for 2012

Hello!! Today, I would like to share my Project Life title page. As mentioned in my previous post, (I think... hehe) I bought 2 Project Life kits out of fear that it might run out of stock (called it kiasu..). 1 is the Amber Edition and the other is Clementine Edition. I've decided to use the Amber Edition first since it's the older collection.

 Here's a look...

I have use some of my own stash which I had planned to do so for the whole album instead of just the Core Kit. I left the "Time period" on one of the journal card blank just in case I need to start another album due to space constraint.
After this photo was taken, I did add some other flat embellishments but to the minimal as I would like to keep it simple and clean.

Next thing I would like to share is my first layout for 2012.

My 2012 resolutions.....

Did this layout in about 2hrs (world record for me) as I would like to complete it before the start of new year. This layout will be hung in the study room to serve as a reminder to commit myself to the resolutions that I had set for myself.

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