Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Life Week One

Here's my Project Life Week One:

In the beginning, I was worried that it might be too simply.. too little embellishments, colour clashing... then I had to keep reminding myself.... the main purpose for me to start Project Life is to DOCUMENT our life. It doesn't matter whether it's too plain or the colour is all 'wrong'. What really matters are the stories that I wanted to tell my family... my children.

I have to learn to let go.... and stop being so paranoid/perfectionist....

My process is:

To take at least a photo a day, may it be an event, or favorite things... anything... that have a story in it. I will load up the photos into my laptop, daily if possible and organised it in dated folder. Delete duplicated photos or those that I would not use at all and I will leave the editing just before I printed out the paper.

I will draw a rough sketch of my next page protector design (2 page layout) into my journal. Midweek, I will start planning my photos and journaling placement (this only takes about less than 10mins while I am travelling to work). I felt that planning the photos and journaling placement in advance actually helps a lot when finalizing everything else since I tried as much as I could to journal/jot down my thoughts almost immediately.

During the rest of my spare 'me time' I planned my other 12 x 12 layouts, cut out my patterned paper into journaling spots, etc. In the end, even though I have less time to scrap 12 x 12 layouts.... I felt that I had documented more in the past 1 week than I  ever had.... it's so satisfying!! Holding a full time job with 2 small children, no domestic helper, loads of household chores and still being able to enjoy this therapeutic passion of mine while documenting our history... is unbelievable........

Here's on the right page is our trip to the zoo... I summarized the jest of the whole trip into 1 journaling spot.

On the left page, top left: I dated it, stamped and embossed with my favorite quotes/sayings... planning to do that every week.... Hehe..

The rest are photos of our day to day life with a small stories to tell......

There you go..... my first step into Project Life... looking forward to more!! Thanks for dropping by!!

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Jenny G said...

Love your take on PL! :)