Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just an update....


Been busy for the past 1 week. Both the girls took turn to fall sick. Meimei was down with stomach flu first followed by Ah Ger. I was so worried when they keep vomiting out whatever food and drinks that they had taken including the medications that were given.

With the added stress from work (my workplace is going through the Magnet Journey). The only thing that I can do to keep myself sane and healthy is to finish up some layouts that I had done in a class I attended in my LSS.Can't seem to think of any new layouts even with the help of sketches. Hoping the Magnet Journey will come and go as soon as possible!!!

Here's the 1st LO: Hi Luv

2nd LO: Juz Being You

Added some of my own embellishments to it. There are 2 more layouts that we had created in the class. Will find some time to finish them out soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy the coming weekend and thanks for looking!!!


EileenMV said...

Your layouts are beautiful - you are very talented!!!

Wati Basri said...

precious layouts there..hope the kids will be fine soon :)