Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ah Ger

Ah Ger turns 2 today. We celebrated her birthday with dinner among our closest family members and of course, a birthday cake.

I was actually trying to find a Barney cake for her but Emicake don't do Barney cake? So, we had to settle for a Kitty cake instead. We ordered a chocolate mousse cake for her since some of the guest don't eat durian.... heh...

Didn't manage to get a nice pic of her since I was busy running around making sure the food is ready, enough for everyone, have enough drinks to go around... this is the best pic I can get. The rest are videocam.
She sang the birthday song and blow out the candles but I doubt she knows how to make a wish yet. Hopefully, I can make a wish on her behalf...... I do not wish for riches, I do not wish for my girl to be a top A student.... all that I wish for is that my girl will stay healthy and happy for many years to come.

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