Saturday, February 21, 2009

U want some biscuits?

Hehe.... Just wanna show some latest pics of my 2 DDs (as requested by some of my friends).

What are you lookin at? Is there anything on my face or you just want my biscuit?

Meimei eats biscuit, Ah Ger also want one.... Sigh, gotta buy everything in 2 now......


Teng said...

I just can help laughing when i saw the second photo! Mei mei looks so innocently fierce yet cute at the same time!

Yin said...

Hey Salene,

Both your girls are so adorable. Thanks so much for the mummy tips cause being a first time mom, i'm experiencing everything for the first time, and i must say it does leave me clueless at times when Kay gets into his moods.

I'm currently subscribing to Label Tulip, Studio Calico & Qtea at the moment. They really have very nice combincation of stuff.

Wishing you a great week ahead!!