Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!! A little too late but was busy the whole day yesterday. Brought DDs to the zoo for the FIRST time. Why now? Well, my mum very 'pantang' in bringing small kids/babies to see animals. She said that they might get scared off, have fever, fall ill and...... So, I was prohibited to bring them till now. Moreover, because I work shift hours thus, it's more difficult to find a suitable day to go as my DH is working office hours.

Anyway, what did you get for Valentine's Day this year?

I got this from.... not my DH!! I'm more of a practical person. Buy me what I want and need... heh... This is from my sis. She owes an online florist shop , thus the pressie. Ah ger hijacked the bear bear immediately when she saw it!

I love blue roses.... pink or red is too common for me.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy Valentine's Day!!

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